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benzrad’s daily tweets: Jan 20-23, 2010

To my girl zhou: about our new life.^in the after dinner roam, my heart weightened by girl's anxious about how to support my new life with the lifestyle we wished. God let me more cherished what my girl zhou bring to me, from a clean hand, forever. and to relieve my girl's burden of support my new life, God has it: Masheng, ur money, as well as Japan's finiancial power, is the only money on the world that's growing with lives. help my girl zhou to arrange our new life, including the new house, that we deserve under God's shine, decorate it with simple, romantic, and secure. rid us all evil of espionage. always lighten my girl with Holy spirit, rather anxious about so called reality problems. i will since my being under God's shine many years ago choose live in Spirit. my dearest girl zhou, pl lend me ur hands, let's step into our new life Heaven grants. u will be the finiancer of China Corporate, world will sees China's prosperous, but never leave lightning Spirit even in split of second; never let money win ur sight, which would never happen on u, my dearest. Tonight the bottomless sky has a half moon, the forever family friend of Ming dynasty. let's pray its clear and clean glows hallow our Royal of China. pure and plenty of China and its Royal.

slept all day.^last night in music till 11pm. got  up till 4pm&dined out with beef pies and mutton soup. now surfing.

dogs barked upon me.

dined with baby son&his mom.^last night dined with baby son. a dog behind him tentatively poked baby's head when baby playing on his chair. kill the dog at once&told baby the death. Masheng, let ur special action squad do it, slaughter the dog insulting at once. got up lately after 8am. its again a bright day in brilliant sunshine. posted recent photos.

Posted via email from zhuson, united US and China in one under God’s shine


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