neck bracketed, but life insists under China surveillance.

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nearly a month passed since my return. i had great time with my baby son, warren zhu, hope of China and God of universe. my office Internet connection was rid off and i had to stay idle when i was there. at home, the Internet within China mainland also fatally deteriorated, ip and keyword filtering failed most web proxies available in search result. life in China mainland just like in a riot, all things in temporary and transition. hope is all of Chinese in mainland hold full hearted, and enduring of time is a test between the dictation nowadays and perished common social lives. i definitely see the collapse of the dying China political and social architecture. 

my life orbits again in a tight loop, between office and my baby's mother's home. i tried hard to live with silence in work time in office, and admit it can be a beneficial habit, but i really enjoy cyberspace activities. common people, like most of my colleagues, can be dishonest and blacken eyed by the pressure of authority's favor or dislike. one of them, namely, my monitor in my office, claimed its righteous that i can't use office Internet now that my home pc connected with Internet, while his pc and all other colleagues' computer all wired and reading novel or watching tv online all days is mainly his activities online. they regard they r superior than me, really clueless! 

this week can be fruitful. in reading twitter stream after broke China surveillance, i got an idea from peer's id, that i should own an id IIDChina. first i think idchina is OK, but in the process of claiming i gradually chose IIDChina. i soon claimed it from google, where i can only got an alternative for name space conflict. i tried to expand the name to twitter and facebook, which both deadly blocked within China mainland for months. China surveillance, with its most advanced technology and heaviest investments, now can be fatal to web traffic inland reaching freedom world. i tried lots of proxies, including risky ones, all failed. only with the help of friends abroad, i got my facabook id and twitter's in the title of IIDChina. customization unfinished for access to the sites via proxies severely compromised and lots of operation only led to errs or vain. i also wrote a wiki item on google knol but the next day it was flagged inappropriate and hide from public view. after checked from friends abroad, i assured its google banned it, not google china, which frequent under China authority's harass and had to adopt tighter filtering. now i just doubting if google read it and flagged improper, or China surveillance reported it online frequently via on site report function and led google's system automatic or semi-automatic earmarked on my knol.yesterday i designed it a unique logo when i felt flat in office, i like it very much, so does my baby son, who shares the title. God sees my way toward a better and righ world in the shine and shrine of Holy. 

facebook, twitter, blogger, picasaweb, and yesterday i found yahoo profiles, these sites' been blocked in China mainland heavily troubled Chinese surfers, and again remind them how barren the China landscape of produce of voice or content. China dying in aridity since the fall of Ming Dynasty, and continued suffering sacrifice with the tasteless and tomb berthed dictator then and now. 

Ok, its time for break. i know the coming gathering of my love, while the dark of China to been blow apart, shift and gone. i know my new marriage scheduled and my fiancee already in her wedding dress. yes, i received my God's notice, i received the omen in red.


logo of site IIDChina, at ,or .


beautiful sunset in Qiqihar, near Autumn.


colorful clouds near dusk in Qiqihar,  China. its near Lunar Autumn.


dearest baby son, warren zhu, Hope of China, God of universe, ate corn cake in Holyland bread shop.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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life meaningful under burden a chat between benzrad, me, and my senior middle school alumni, also some middle class in my hometown, central China.

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