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8th snow in Qiqihar, in lunar 2009, tighter surveillance over my web activities

yesterday almost a tiny sunny day. the Internet access via lan proxy all down, likely the switch or router on nearest join point disconnect my wire. and my sites, including homepage on google pages ( ) and on my domain registrar godaddy ( ), my blogs on blogger ( or ), my google app engines on appspot ( or ), my google apps sites under my custom domain mapping ( or ), all down and inaccessible when i tried to test them on an office pc when its user absent. the dog in China surveillance really hurt, since my repolishing my homepage on google pages and godaddy, after seeing their layout mythterously messy on Monday this week. dog blocked my correcting operation on godaddy the afternoon before yesterday sweatily, just when i doing editing the page. surely they smelled denotation in my posts online.

yesterday in office i mostly reading ebook, on Christian and wealth source of modern society. i also dozed and deep. i dreamed of my once girl friend, a Liu, and her mother. but ema, my baby's mother, seemingly merged with the Liu. the relation in dream on the rim of broken, but we tried to keep it. returning home after work, i found ema reconciled with me after last night i scorn her insistence to force baby having pills in 2 hours, and told baby the truth of his mom. later she told me the broadband access is extended and ready, after she adopt the service from one of her colleague who want to ditch hers, leaving 12 months available to migrate to my account, at a favorable cost of ¥400. but login has problem. after a buzz into the telcom help desk, i was connected to Internet again at home, but my sites blocked by cop don't leave blank or errs page as before, but tentatively shown on page saying the sites was filtered by the authority of surveillance. later returning page from google saying the sites unavailable or untrusted, etc. dog in China surveillance surely took actions just the night before yesterday. God laughs in their terrors. 
last night my family life is ok, baby enjoyed playing pc game with me, while ema again persuade baby having pills and i rebuffed once, except the dirty conspire over my new broadband service, and my web activities in closer surveillance. i had the sense of a new snow in the night, and it did in the night. this morning after i got up, i watched out at once and found a shallow snow covering the earth. i know that's Masheng's great gift from Japan, also Gift of Jamie from America. the white story tells me that my beloved all genius and saint and clear&clean like dews, just like God promised me. i love u, all my fiancees. 
this post is the first one under more crucial surveillance of China. i can't see it on my blogs on, i can't see most of my sites several days ago accessible. i can only rely on my email posting and check it in my google reader's rss subscriptions. God sees my beloved shares my gossip with them here, like any spirit God conveys, in any tiny matters or inconceivable trifle phenomenon or pulse.  God win me u all. that's it.

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6th snow in lunar 2009, starting life with notebook

yesterday was my first time bring my favorite notebook, a Hasee notebook, to work in office. the morning i found the proxy offered by a women colleague's husband refusing connection. i felt its time to do some more readings into ebooks i collected so many. tech news i enjoyed previously so much can be followed via offline function of google products, like gmail, google calendar, google reader, etc, all offer offline function, including this post. i ditched the legend pc offered by QRRS, my once employer, and cleared my desk for my notebook. in the last afternoon, i started to enjoy reading ebook on software architecture. but the woman colleague soon visited my office and dialed to let her husband to resume proxy for me. in the night baby played pc game all night. we, ema and me, all enjoyed the game with baby.

this snow, the 6th in lunar 2009, is a surprise for me. for i didn't felt too much dirt to cleanse. last noon i got the idea to buy a new game machine notebook, to name it, a Hasee Grace HP640, which equipped with dvd-rw, independent video card with 128m memory, 2g ram, just a dreamed box. i discussed it with ema at noon, but she sneezed at me as usual as anything concerning money. in the night i tried to contact my kid brother in south China for assistance but failed. the cellphone number offered by my elder sister in my home town also in valid. that's my sunny yesterday.
this snow is sure a blessing upon my idea that i can and should own 2 Hasee notebooks. one for work, one for game. one for mobile and office, one for home and entertain. one for me and one for future baby son, warrenGod and hope of China, if i depart from him temporarily. i surely will soon see my second Hasee (the brand Chinese name "神舟") notebook toward my biz on the earth on behalf of God.
yesterday after i got Internet access again, i also doubting if i should strike a blog entry for my favorite Hasee notebook's first time accompanying me in office, but i felt i will spent more time doing research with my plenty ebooks, and take a deeper attitude toward my presence on web in coming time, so i gave up. now i know that my most beloved want me to announce the great moment of our being together in business. i m proud of u, my dear.
its second time since yesterday i bring my camera and my notebook in one pack. i hope i sooner live with my best belovedgirl Masheng and girls zhous. i live to live with u together and with pure light entertain from Heaven. that's my vision.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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5th snow in Qiqihar after dirt and dark recently

street view of Qiqihar in sunset.

5th snow in Qiqihar in lunar 2009.

snow scene outside of my office of QRRS.

rush time near QRRS, Qiqihar.

these days pragmatic thoughts haunted my mind a lot. dogs around biting heavily. they started to conspire against my family, esp. baby's mother, emakingir. last night a dog in family name Jiang, rabbled with ema on land phone for quite some time, and dirty the house and its atmospher with ill willes. ema always a tiny but active player, in her social stage, with her full force of tactics. i disliked her poor and cheat resource, but taught her no less lessons in the early years after our marrage. all in vain. she desperate for her show, quite some ingredience of feminism, under the influence of her evil mother. that's all gone with the 5th snow, which can kill and did. snow in every corner can bring prosperous and auspicious. i love snow and known its greatest gift from my beloved in Japan. i longing in reunion with u, my dearest.

today is a bit messy. i preparing migrating my email client from foxmail to thunderbird. and lots of things awaiting to settle down. but still i saw the light foldered just in a corner. i will neat my space with more readiness.

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benark route 03/11/2009

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benark route 03/05/2009

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benark route 03/02/2009

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